Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Baru Art is pleased to present #intheдуьне (pron. 'In the Doon-yah). A euphoric, yet disordered video art piece, created by Singapore-based new aestheticist, BDVZ. The piece was originally compiled as a GIF animation combining surreal images with worldly expanses from social housing precincts in Redfern, Waterloo, and Surry Hills in Sydney, Australia.

BDVZ suggests the work be experienced with the viewers' choice of music as a way to connect through cognitive recognition of the relationship between sound and image, and the motion that unites them. The 3:27 minute work plays on loop, it's cyclical nature echoing an evolution through physical and intellectual spaces.

The work is inspired by the universal fusion between beauty and tragedy, and features various online representations of hybrid cultures and their manifestations. This work locates some of the less traversed spaces of inner-Sydney into the new aesthetic global sphere.

Hundreds of images were compiled for the film and interlaced with BDVZ’s skyward journey through a housing stairwell. #intheдуьне aims to ignite a desire to explore and change perceptions of the world.

The piece was first exhibited at BDVZ’s solo exhibition #intheдуьне, which was a series of art(net)works created from images of inner-Sydney social housing precincts.
oon-yah, Дуьне is the Chechen word for world. It derives from the Arabic word دنيا (Dunya). It was chosen to represent the universality and hybridity of the spaces explored in this project.

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